A.D.E’s partners and sponsorship committee

A.D.E has commercial partners, institutional partners, the NGO is supported by personalities, local and national artists.

Special love godfather

  • Mr Jean M. Mane, Président of V. MANE FILS. MANE is the first French group and one of the worldwide leaders of the Fragrance and Flavour industry.

« A.D.E. founded by Muriel Tran Ercolano, it is a mission that she has embraced since Sœur Emmanuelle entrusted it to her. »


  • Mr Jean M. Mane, Président of V. MANE FILS. MANE is the first French group and one of the worldwide leaders of the Fragrance and Flavour industry. 
  • France-Anne Pavie and her family.


  • A.D.E is part of Sister Emmanuelle associations’ network (ASASE, « Opération Orange »).
  • The NGO is a partner of AMADE Worldwide (Princess Grace’s association) which head office is in Monaco.
  • A.D.E is a partner of CARITAS Monaco.

Institutional partners

  • Nice City Hall.

Godmothers and godfathers

  • Sister Emmanuelle

  • Sister Sara

  • Monica Bellucci

  • Jean Sage

  • Patrick Luciani

Sponsorship committee, famous people

  • Isabelle Adjani, actress
  • Jil Aigrot, interpreter of Edith Piaf
  • Emmanuelle Béart, actress
  • François Bégaudeau, writer
  • Aurélien Bellanger, writer
  • Monica Bellucci, actress
  • Ben Salama, journalist and author
  • Marisa Beranson, actress and model
  • Maïssa Bey, novelist
  • Michel Boujenah, comedian and actor “…supporting the Association des Amis Des Enfants created by Muriel and Salvatore seems essential to me…”
  • Calogero, singer
  • George Clooney, actor
  • “Bravo Muriel”
  • Crow, singer
  • Boris Cyrulnik, psychoanalyst and writer
  • “To Muriel and the children…”
  • Julie Depardieu, actress
  • Yves Duteil, singer
  • Morad El Hattab, essayist
  • Xavier Emmanuelli, politician
  • André Glucksmann, philosopher
  • Robert Hossein, actor and director
  • Jacques Julliard, journalist and historian
  • Axel Kahn, doctor and writer “To Muriel whose energy and solidarity are turned towards the other, the most fragile, the child. For what she does for them and therefore for humanity, Thank you.”
  • Princess Esther Kamatari, model and writer
  • Bernard Kouchner, doctor and politician
  • Françoise Laborde, journalist and TV presenter
  • “Thank you for this magnificent work”
  • Pierre Lellouche, lawyer and politician
  • Frédéric Lenoir, sociologist and writer “For Muriel who knows that love is the heart of the world.”
  • Bernard Henri Levy, writer and columnist
  • Jacky Mamou, President of the Darfur Emergency Committee
  • Macha Meril, actress
  • Pascal Mono, singer
  • Youssou N’Dour, singer
  • Yannick Noah, singer
  • Marie-Claude Pietragalla, dancer and choreographer
  • Gérard Prunier, historian
  • Muriel Robin, comedian and actress
  • Marie-Christine Sarragosse, President of France Media World
  • Henri Sterdyniak, economist
  • Amanda Sthers, writer
  • Michele Torr, singer
  • Charlotte Valendray, actress and writer
  • Bernard Weber, writer
  • Jean-Marie BLAS DE REBLES, philosopher, writer “With all my best wishes for Muriel and her beautiful association! Warmly”.