The NGO founded and chaired by Muriel Tran Ercolano, at the request of Sister Emmanuelle, has been working for 20 years for the poorest women and children in the world. In 2023, the NGO launched, in collaboration with Father Pedro, the construction of a school in Madagascar that can accommodate up to 300 children. It will also endeavor to promote and collect donations in order to allow funding, in particular: – Support for the schooling of young girls from the Mokattam slum, in Cairo, in Egypt. The Gabal el Mokattam school was founded in 1982 by Sister Emmanuelle with the help of Sister Sara who continues to work there. From kindergarten to 9th grade, the school welcomes nearly 1,000 children. – Work to improve teaching and living conditions in two establishments located in villages near Lac Rose in Senegal: a school group of 200 students (175 current – extension in progress) in Niague Peulh and a school primary school of 200 pupils in Wayembam. – Support for the education of 20 children between 5 and 8 years old in a village located 4 hours from Kathmandu, in Nepal for 5 years.