New donations collected thanks to the sale of oranges and the book “Only love to save lives” by Muriel Tran Ercolano at Notre Dame de Laghet sanctuary, Monday August 15th, 2022.

The NGO Amis Des Enfants donates all of these donation to projects for the poorest women and children around the world.

The objectives of the actions of Amis Des Enfants. are :

  • Food security and access to drinking water
  • The fight against extreme poverty.
  • Education for all
  • The reduction of infant mortality and healthcare for mothers.
  • Vocational training and integration.
  • women’s empowerment
  • Sustainable development

A huge thank you to the volunteers of “Amis Des Enfants”, without them, nothing would be possible. Gratitude to each and everyone.

Thank you to Mr. Leroy, manager of two “Carrefour Markets” (one in Antibes and one in Nice, Nice California) who very generously donated oranges for the sale of Amis Des Enfants. Mr. Leroy has been supporting the sales and actions of the NGO for almost 20 years, we thank him warmly.